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Flo immaculate maximum force type Spartacus
decadent splendor mind bender star transcender
evacuate wastelands free poetical prophets in refugee camps
doctrine concoctions of a marksman dartsmith dedication
melted steel gets pounded into sword formations
atomic bomb scares produce angels in my nightmares
guardians with fanged k nines and smiling faces
holograms hide a white house full of pulpits dressed in clown suits
reptilian shape shifters preselected senators knelt at the altar before a dark prince
illuminati keep the bloodline thick
fortified ghostly realm of living flesh
just floating dust in a pointless existence and meaningless breaths
android voids phy. wars control is phycologic
neo draconian neuro pharmacology
evolved spores grow on your pathology
street prodigies eagerly ignore truth philosophy
lighting bolt storm troopers shadow agents launch punitive strikes
narcotics gang unit raids the night
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