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Originally Posted by ShortyCoffeeStain View Post
Wu-Tang fans are so embarrassing - no wonder all the members hate Wu-Corp.

One of the most popular rappers in the world pays tribute to Wu, and all the knuckledragging retards come out of their caves to throw out some ancient homophobic slurs and grumble about the "good old days."

The correct reaction would be: "Cool. That's great."

Wu-Tang members praise Drake.

Drake praises Wu-Tang.


The good news is, when you go to a Wu-Tang concert, you see cool, diverse, regular people. The moron fas are a pretty small minority - the Morlocks, who fear sunlight, and hide in their parents' basement, swearing, making HILARIOUS gifs about new rappers, and never looking at mirrors, because it reminds them that time is passing...

You can't expect everyone to be: "Cool. That's great." just cause drake decides to shout out wu tang, personally I don't want drake to shout wu tang, just like I don't want macklemore to shout wu tang, imo they just make wu tang look mad corny no matter how popular they are.

On the other hand, wu tang fanz are dreaming, if they think some how these popular m.c shouting out the wu, is gonna translate into a sudden wu tang revival. Wu tang clan are pretty much wack post "wu tang forever" and that's real, and even on the off chance, pop culture fans decided to check for wu tang clan because the of references, I bet they would only like gravel pit lol.

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