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Let it be known. 4th and Tru production wise are streets ahead of the rest of the wu elements I think. The other wu elements may surpass 4th and tru in time but to this point based on bodies of work Tru and 4th are far ahead. Bronze's beats tend to lack energy and Cilva are good but I don't hear individuality in his beats. 4th and True seem to have their own chamber within the wu sound, the rest don't or their chambers are not inspirational or charismatic at all.

Its True for me because like someone said he seems to never make a bad beat. 4th has variety but I don't think he has as much consistency. But the difference in consistency is minimal. Also I like that Trues beats seem to be beats that can bang on commercial radio but do not compromise the integrity of the wu sound. Think Dangerous Ground, and Yall been warned.
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