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Default Sharoyce- 6 Songz

I was homeless for a good minute, yall. Forgive me for not being an active member for a minute. I couldnt get music off of my mind as I was going through economic downfall. All I did was scribble rhymes and read novels for the past couple of months. Once I obtained a steady employment situation, I then needed to get myself situated to live. Pinchin pennies afforded me the bread to allocate toward studio time. I cut six records over the past 2 days with a professional engineer. None of these tracks are going on the mixtape. I just wanted to know what you guys thought about them.

Sharoyce Antwan- SDD

Sharoyce Antwan- Only You

Sharoyce Antwan- Harpstrings

Sharoyce Antwan- Get Money Freestyle

Sharoyce Antwan- Posse Cut

Sharoyce Antwan- The Giver
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