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RZA at his best is insane, unfathomable genius.
However, if I had to choose only producer to do my hypothetical album (if I could emcee, and with an unlimited budget) - it would be True Master, hands down.
His beats are a touch of divine grace in the murky and unpredictable abyss of the Wuniverse.
Most would plump for Triumph as the best track on Forever - but for me, Heaterz sent me into orbit when i first heard it. Hearing the instrumental for Heaterz alone makes me feel like I've been baptised at Bethany on the banks of Jordan. All his work is amazing and timeless, and on occasion - outshines even the Abbott.
It's sad to hear the interview with J-Ronin. I hope that he does not think the "subversive hand" is from within the Wu camp; although it does make me wonder... I remember Power having a run-in with him a few years ago about some mediocre shit.
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