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Twisted Science shaolin monk

all you lames praise Lamar, I slaughter bars that stop hearts / I’m tha father to you half-way crooks’ steezes, my pen beasts tha meanest ‘n’ all you praise my Science art like Jesus, there’s no way to impede this genius collegiate shit / I pen leaflets that reveal Knolege Science is tha zenith regardless my flesh is pekid, take it back to Cuban Lync shit / stuck in tha clink where they doin’ vicious brainwash, I smoke weed outta Bible papers, does that make me a Christian God? bipolar like a see-saw, heed tha God’s latest testamental edition, I’m Twisted diggin’ shallow graves for tha misappropriated nutrients you MCs been givin’ tha crowd, tossed salad like Brokeback Mountain, y’all ninjaz is foul…
Any errors in Twisted's lyrics are solely that of typist & not in any way reflective of Twist's original handwritten work. Twist reviews typewritten work sent him by snail mail, any needed corrections are made & returned via snail mail from Twist who is in belly of beast.

Listen to me spit over phone from prison, serving 12 yrs for robbery
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