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I lost my life in ’96, throw a rock in tha mix, now I’m servin’ penitentiary stints / love is painstakin’ anguish, blame me, tha most sanest, in-famous with tha vocabulary cadence that haunts thoughts like Satan / beware of tha caged in Caucasian, I dig shallow graves for the entire nation / my death made Page 6 in New York but they don’t know me in L.A., I’m just a White dude spittin’ life, truth ‘n’ justice / infuse rhyme to when I bust clips, me ‘n’ fate had a grudge match, my spine got tucked ‘n’ nipped / my wisdom frees minds like izm rips, equality shines resplendent like white light thru a prizm/ stuck in a crooked system of capitalism, every match is fixed, bevies of Macs slip into clubs / but just cuz you strapped don’t make you thug, fornicate with tha God yo, ‘n’ you bound to stuck…
Any errors in Twisted's lyrics are solely that of typist & not in any way reflective of Twist's original handwritten work. Twist reviews typewritten work sent him by snail mail, any needed corrections are made & returned via snail mail from Twist who is in belly of beast.

Listen to me spit over phone from prison, serving 12 yrs for robbery
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