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Originally Posted by prof zooruka View Post
az is a better Brooklyn rapper than jay-z.
Originally Posted by Cilvaringz View Post
u cant even compare the two
Originally Posted by Art Vandelay View Post
i think jay only seems incredible because you are comparing him to what's out there today. i don't think jay is incredible when you compare him to 90s hip hop.

maybe i'm just old, but that was the best era for hip hop
Originally Posted by SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS View Post
jay aight but isn't no super lyricist, he's a sega genesis while killah priest is a playstation 4, because priest discography beats out jay's catalogue everyday of the week
Originally Posted by whers View Post
And you would ?
Originally Posted by Dumb & Dumber View Post
Killah priest is garbage
Originally Posted by THE W View Post
more troll threads?
Originally Posted by the dagger View Post
please read..heres the problem with hiphop you have a guy on here called him self ancient ones peaceful farmer and kjr (master ninja)..which got there names based on wutang and priest. im sure..its what they talks about, voting for jay z smh why? we hafta make up our minds ancient ones had the nerve to say priest is boring? cmon then change your name and go to roc nation and support them jay z would never support master ninja name smh you are all confuse..sunz of man wutang all day and my names is dagger its what i rep peace
Originally Posted by BISHOP BLOODSHOT View Post
IMO JayZ has alot to learn, and KP can teach him.
Originally Posted by 8 View Post


Originally Posted by Kanha View Post
Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Funny people in this forum..

Jay-Z, VS, Killah Priest..
Originally Posted by muscularghandi View Post
If you didn't like Jay's last record you should have listened to "Yeezus" first. After that shit it makes Magna Carta sound like Illmatic
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