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Default True/4th

Difference is that 4th dusciple had produced much more beats than true master, so he had more average beats than true.
That i love with true , its beats are ever the same style

Math not surprised me since long time ( last good proction are pencil and 421 beat with deck and steet) , math has lost has lost his own style
The best beats of math are:
Oh donna, cobra clutch,wu banga,fatal sting, 2 beats on 2nd killarmy, muzzle tie and pointun fingers, uncontrolled substance, mic trippin high price, pencil

4th disc;
Illisions for me is one of the best, burn bridges, cash still rules,older gods,tai chi,not promised tomorrow,science project,almost there, soldiers of darkness, washed in blood,9th chamber......

True had produced one of the best track of the wu with triumph , its yall been warned
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