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Originally Posted by INF View Post

Check is a good Mod. He stays up to the minute. I read this thread last night but didnt investigate because you can see Check breaks it the fuck down.

a good mod???

check two and his net stalker friends hack peoples accounts here and change their names...add shit on they avatar...delete posts...

as you can cee they still won't change mah name back


the good thing about this is eye realize how lame yaw mothafuckas witness them doing this shit to people and you still show them love...

only a few people have spoken up about this shit...the rest of yaw is sum weak self promoter mothafuckas who try to appease check two and his people so you can continue promoting your shit up here on wu-corp and not get harassed by them....yaw like the snitches in the jail on the C.O's dick...

sad...but Peace to Style...he's one of the few Valley(general chat) posters that doesn't come off like a fuckin faggot
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