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Originally Posted by Ghost In The 'Lac View Post

This threads gonna be like flies to shit but as its probably the biggest rap album of the year :

Talks about listening to Cappadonna.

Names a song Wu Tang Forever.

Uses the Itz Yours hook in two songs.

Raps classic Rae lines.

Shouts out ODB, interpolates his lines.

Uses the CREAM hook for the jay song.

I think theres another ref somewhere.


The rest of the album is about emotions and relationships.

So the famous rapper that Wu fans have spent the most time hating on has just given Wu more props on record than all other rappers in history, combined.
These so called wu-fans are just jealous. They cant stand that "one of them" has made it this far and hyping wu-tang more than themselves ever will do.

Wu-tang is being sometimes mocked for having mostly white nerdy fans who's more into star wars than bitches anyway, I can't see how a jewish canadian would harm wu-tang more
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