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Twisted Science shaolin monk

psychological this, psychological that, I profess my Knolege dialect by tha way I rap / with Wu undertones, I battle till I’m all alone at tha top of tha mountain, soundin’ like I’m from Shoalin Island/ hella valiant from L.A., I pen 16s, crumble it, eat it, so foul it make my frickin’ belly ache / I get Twisted when I celebrate, I constantly elevate, for tha knave I gravedig shallow graves / MCs hang from tha gallows, my mental salvos is point blank ‘n’ leave ninjaz with unresponsive dial tones/ espoused to my skin tone ‘n’ mainframe, I change things like King James ‘n’ versus me, MCs leave in flames / yo, I gestapo tracks ‘n’ leave ‘em in police states, internment camp tha beat ‘n’ wash it away / MCs that’s weak with hate ‘n’ anger, step down with your fake words, it’s Twisted Science, jewels crested when tha wave burst…
Any errors in Twisted's lyrics are solely that of typist & not in any way reflective of Twist's original handwritten work. Twist reviews typewritten work sent him by snail mail, any needed corrections are made & returned via snail mail from Twist who is in belly of beast.

Listen to me spit over phone from prison, serving 12 yrs for robbery
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