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Originally Posted by THE W View Post
..and wash it down with some anti-freeze.

comparing a cheeseburger and fries to crack cocaine...smh.

you clearly havent thought this through.
eye clearly have thought this through miss daria

it is defineatly possible 2 eat healthy all month and once a month
eat McDevil's and still be healthy

and it is defineatly possible 2 eat healthy all month and once
a month smoke crack and still be healthy

here's da muh-fucking show me a drug addict
and eye GUARANTEE that they are addicted to
refined sugar and salt...bear in mind om speaking from
da perspective of one who lives in da hells of north amerikkka

refined sugar and salt is the GATEWAY drug....
and without the gateway drug McDevil's food would
taste like NOTHING

those with knowledge of shelf know dis shit shun

food addiction indeed!!!!

eye don't know how da fuck eye got off refined
sugar but it was nothing short of a miracle...

and when eye accidently eat refined sugar or maybe take
a sip off mah calm-boocha cultcha too soon eye can
feel that gateway drug coursing through mah holy temple...

eye start feeling antsy and agitated...

and true indeed....poverty plays a huge role in people
consuming the gateway drug...

eye recently went through a year of very strange
and suspicious "bad luck" and "money problems"
and eye had to go back to eating vegan junk food
and mah body revolted like Che and Del in the Sierra Maestra's yaw...PEACE!!!!!!!
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