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Twisted Science shaolin monk

hired to pull tha iron, raid environs / swipe lives away before tha sirens came, witness closed tha window by tha fire escape / game never changes, only tha players, pain displacement / Hip Hop runs thru my veins, never say my name in vain / Science Knolege retained, archeologists discovered my mummified brain in tha Caucasus caves / surrounded by ancient Hebrew hieroglyphs, when Milo spits, its directly to God n shit about tha heathens n heretics / tha paganism displayed is my escape, more Maneuvers than Heimlich n what I despise is hate / grate tha gridiron, Fate is my desire / cover you face cuz when I spit it goes straight thru your attire / put me in a wheelchair yo, aye yo I wont retire / guns blazin craz-ed, tha vocal Amadeus with behemoth
rhymes / semi-auto verse, 16 seem to fly n pierce your jacket / snatch your chain n scar up your cabbage / I cut tracks to feel emotion like cats with razor blades / slugs from tray-8 snubs n thugs with French Braids / tight-like, pull a heist faster than a crackpipe / Im on tha rise like a stalagmite / get your Science right / life-likes, I take em quick n tha cameras click / autographs n fingerprints / now, ya wonder where tha fi-fi went / heed tha devious, madd mischievious / MCs I slaughter tedious n skeet n skeet n plead tha 5th / language lost in tha translation / razor sharp jaws of life, jaws of anguish / tattoo tha mind with flagrant dual-edged statements / tha vocal Amadeus, clips sprayed emptied / taped banana clips on Aks / yall MCs is fake like titties / obscenities get sent from me written over thoughts of looped sampled symphonies / Science, tha man, tha myth / tha pantheist Knolege God foresight saw you comin with redundance, lowered my pants n oh how you love to suck it
Errors in Twisted's lyrics are solely typist's & not reflective of Twist's original handwritten work. Typewritten work is sent snail mail to Twisted in bing, he corrects & returns them for posting.
Spitting over phone from prison -Gretzky
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