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Heavens - well shit, I had to say something

Ceited - Necro is a great lyrcist - Rouls for Gouls,
his verse on Canarsie Arties Revenge - dope voice, on and on and on. It became like a trend to say Necro is not dope on the Mic.
I completely disagree, he's one of the dopest, period.

Heavens - I acompletely agree with what you said there, especially about the Rae vision.

Ceited - I completely disagree with you there. Will hip hop heads ever learn that are are no comparisons in rap? Ever? And never will be?

Heavens - Everyone shits on Necro? Heavens, I disagree with you there, see my comment above.

Ceited - While fucking a chick, I had rap palying int he back - that track came on, and while I love it - I had to turn it off cause I was thinking the chick would think I was using her or I was all about fucking and leaving girls, which I'm not.

Heavens - That beat was made in 97 not recorded. Rae didn't record his verse on it back then. Beats are produced not recorded. Get yer definitions straight!

That being said - The Godfather's will be one of the greatest rap albums of this year and of all time.

I'm very excited for it, especially in 2013's rap climate.
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