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"no one is going to become a cheeseburger head from having a burger every now and then. well, some people might but one's lack of self-control isnt someone elses."


you came full circle in a matter of two sentences miss daria

yes...someone can and many people do become cheezeburger addiction is no joke...

eye know people who got full blown cancer....
they KNOW certain foods are really food for their tumors...
but they just can't stop eating it even though they know
its killing them...

take for instance a disease like Lyme...
theres people who have committed suicide because
they have gone to doctors for lyme disease and the doctors shit
don't work...and even if they did stumble upon the knowledge
that the cure for Lyme is to starve those nasty parasites
(lyme parasites feed off sugars, starches etc) they wouldn't
be able to stop eating those foods...

they got little children with cancer in the hospital being TORTURED
by these idiotic western addiction isn't
as harmless as you think it is....

eye did da knowledge on this excellent movie "The Call" with Hallie
Berry and the killer in the movie was basically getting revenge
because he was bitter about losing his loved one to cancer....

they had scene where they showed a time frame of pictures
of his loved one dying of cancer and each picture was her
decaying and decaying...shit was gastly...

"it certainly isnt on the level of cocaine."

it most certainly is on the level of cocaine....

just has different effects....

one is just more cheaper...

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