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dynasty of the god mentality/
evolve beyond the monarchies of democracy/
dark rule free yourself see through this evil reality/
kids frown leaders shut down an adult is left shunned now/
strangers prowl dogs howl the pain is felt round and round now/
full circle recycled hurdles obstacle blockades low-down is the feeling felt year round/
back to crime bad life make me want to pick up the four pound and/
grind sun rise to moon shine another way a new path I got to find/
fuck end times this world aint done till I say its finished no gimmick/
dont need credit forget the critics sick is how I spit it/
uplifted souls smile on their faces love from our children we embracing/
done pacing they can keep tracing our calls and raiding our spots we still ball/
strike down upon you snakes like killah eagles to overcome all evil/
armies form broke down in factions these rap prophets is clashing/
these are men of god stars leading the squads/
cannons kept on deck war battalion medallions around their necks/
dog tags along with the casualties get cremated in smoke stacks/

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