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Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
I think 1998 was the last good year for rap because several good rap albums came out that year like Onyx's Shut Em Down, A Tribe Called Quest's The Love Movement, DMX's first album, Heltah Skeltah's Magnum Force, Pete Rock's Soul Survivor, Gang Starr's Moment Of Truth, WC's The Shadiest One, Jayo Felony's Whatcha Gonna Do, Redman's Doc's Da Name.
"kind of" true

let's say 98 was the last good year for mainstream hip-hop.

topical diversity ? i dont know... talkin bout how livin in the projects is rough, yeah it kinda got old fast, and i know what im talkin about... but hey, great lyricists could pull it off rhyming about one single topic on a whole album, so no... id say lack of originality kills hip hop, lack of a higher standpoint kills hip hop... i'm waiting for the rapper who will diss illuminati, zionists with current references. purpose of real hip hop is awakening and education, not "lets make some $$ along with my jew masters!!!" zionists and illuminati killed hip hop while feeding it at the same time !!! and since street smarts say dont bite the hand that feeds you, its easy to locate sellouts and frauds!!

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