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Originally Posted by Art Vandelay View Post
i think the biggest downfall of the wu is that since 1998, they have seen themselves as individuals and not as a group. Sure, you have more creative control and make more money as a solo artist, but the reason you are popular, the reason you are a solo artist, the reason fans are looking for you is because of Wu-Tang. the way they are incohesive about making music is the same way they are incohesive about promoting themselves.

It's funny that the fans realize that this website is the best place to find wu-tang news, music, upcoming projects, etc, but the members of wu-tang don't understand that.

so let's say raekwon wants to promote his new album. he sends out a tweet. well, some people don't have twitter. other's don't check it that often. sometimes it will get lost in a pile of other tweets if they are following a lot of people. or maybe they just followed raekwon to get a follow back and they don't care about his music.

now how hard would it be for Raekwon to have an account here at wu-corp and to post news here also? you figure at any given point during the day there can be 1,000 users here. most of them are just guests, so i'm guessing that they're checking the wu forum and not the movies section. so if he posts something here, instantly 1,000 people see it. and unlike twitter, it stays on the main page as long as people keep posting in it. so an hour later there might be 1,000 different people reading it. and the hour after that and the day after that.

On point !!

Theres people on here from Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, South &Central America etc. that come one here to show love.

its a better site compared to the other "official wu tang" sites
oh and ill throw in better than world star hip hop

wutangcorp is for the children !

courtesy of Bobby_Digital72

Non Ignorants
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