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open portals to the imortal path of enlightenment/
living right is the only way to surpass mistakes made in a haunted past/
a negative wrath got you trapped like rats on a sticky pad/
while my luminous blast leaves tracks of positive impacts that streak across a divine canvas/
universal status reached security breeched in order to teach babies/
hightened perceptions through open senses transcened dimentions/
conquer this earthly abode's migration of souls and you shall be released from all gravitational force/
key note levetate massive stones when acoustics vibrate/
barriers cascade as the trumpets of the arch angels play/
bridged with the heavens these street prophets to gods they upgrade/
edit proverbs to psalms notepad held in my sweaty palms/
in the land of the palm trees we stay fully armed/
thirteen my slang was strong and still is kid/
last three bars of the god form a holy trinity majestic symmetry/
synergy inert vortex technology super nova explosions/
tribulations appear beast mode attack flows watch the dead rise as my hands lift to the skies above chosen/
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