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Hip Hop graffitti MCin coarses thru my circulatory torrid n I expose all you labia majoras / Science shines like 10 lit Menorahs, my sentence prior to invention is too pensive for a chorus / tha illest civilian, Twisted makes you ninjas cringe @ how I be killin it / w/ tha penny for every thought, by tha week I push billions n all yalls is weak, never discreet or effin’ Greek, sniffin rhymes by tha 16th, life aint nothin but grief, metronomes hold percussion to tha beat, dope rushes from my nose when I sneeze, deceive tha proceedin’ like as if I was tha White Jesus Christ, I treat tha heathens right / yo I stigmatize tha rhyme when Science rapes minds via tha Hip Hop I rip / my sonnets send cats to coffins / if they criminalized rap, I’d be doin’ life without parole / always holdin’ a pen in tha pen like Bob Dole / throw my goals ‘n’ aspirations down tha hole / I’m in prison, I no longer have goals, ya dig it? 8 digits 2 opposables, Twisted Science is oh so notable ‘n’ Milo’s oh so effin’ quotable, I hold rap’s attention with a fuckin’ chokehold / starvin’ ‘n’ I’m harborin’ resentent / if you don’t cook up right, get tha fuck out tha kitchen / Southern Cali, I’m indiginous, my masculinity emasculates ‘n’ validates my indemnity / tha most riveting, my Science Twisted, sift tha cut out tha dope / I like thick, strong, women like hemp stem rope yet regardless, I keep my facial features covered with a silk scarf / Knolege built like Kufu, keep your eyes on tha stars from where it started / ethereal parables, it’s hysterical, you say you a MC/HipHop herecy heretical, you can’t spit yo, you effin’ swallow it / bare in minded, Science reminds kids he’s the sickest White Kid since Ryan White / more vehemently verbally violent than Tyson who went to prison ‘n’ came back a 5%er, I bite ears yo / Milo 1 call me Cyrano ‘cuz I put serums in my nose / my charisma is my pheromones ‘n’ I got knots noddin’ like skinheads hittin’ Jerry Springer in tha head with a chair / big-booty bitch panty drawer-droppah, mention Hense again ‘n’ I’ll send ya right to see him, padnah / it’s like word up, get your verse up / twin burners spittin’ cursive / David Berkowitz with tha pen ‘n’ you need to stay covered like burkas / pay your alms like synagogues, mosques ‘n’ churches / chicken little, reverse tha verdict / I be tha perp with 730 tats on tha throat, rhymes float ‘n’ send foes to Heaven early / spliff herbs, lift 40s sittin’ on curbs, forget tha woes of Earth on deathbeds - would it of been better to been a stillbirth? fuck it, I sip tha Miller pilsner, still tha top biller, tha L.A. Yellow Jacket splashin’ poisonous drafts that’s hand-crafted fully automatic raps put you to rest like Ambien / let’s go back to tha Cambrian epoch / Hip Hop time travel, hit tha spot, i.v.s in hips ‘n’ coke in my snotty nose drips, yo check it / forever MCin’, love tha culture like wifey but use tha hoe like a bitch / you MC’s is lactose ‘n’ I feast ambrosia in tha pantheon / tha Hip Hop Rap Paragon / my mouth is arid ‘n’ I fly like cherubims on chariots with more wings than 17 seraphims / competition, I bury them with compositions that’s arrogant / I carry tracks like surrgates / you heretics get kicked with a pair of Timbs ‘n’ crumble like arranged Arab marriages / surprise attack your clique ‘n’ rush your barracks with swords swingin’ / on point / Bringin’ Down Society with my arms around Trinidadian ‘n’ Guyanese chickenheads / lettin’ off, in effect, like 16 Intertechs / when you see Twisted Science hit tha deck / tha Rap President-Elect / spittin’ verbal sex out / I’ve been Hip Hop Generation X’d out / I seen your bitch at a meth house, runnin’ a train to get a quarter-ounce / smoke it up, yo / fashionably punctual / Hip Hop ‘n’ Science had their nuptials in tha 80s / Twist pops you in tha snot box / you pussy MCs is cock blocked when verses rock out tha God’s Glock / Mylo’s benedictions heal commercialist’s sickness / I grew up listenin’ to Rae’s Purple Tape / swayin’ in tha purple haze, holdin’ an AK with tray 8s taped to both ankles / don’t label Science / I don’t snort rails, I snort hyphens / Los Angeles County makes tha mic spit / I make tha 9 spit like aroused vaginas / like Murda said, you might survive that 9 but you won’t survive tha four fifth / semi-automatic autographed lyrics pierce wigs / when you hear tha boom-bap you nod your noggen like you put China White up your nostrils / tha Hip Hop Apostle accosts you like a Kee Way to his own brother that’s a Damu / your momma mighta brought you in but I’ma take you out quick / I speak flame like Auschwitz / peep game - my name was mentioned twice in tha Talmud / when tha pen flips it leaves my trigger-finger with a callous / International Endowment for tha Artist / my razor sharp tongue slices rappers / after Milo’s verse splashes, their blood splatters on tha carpet / I ain’t your therapist so save that heartfelt catharsis for someone who gives a shit / Twist’ll be here after Revelation ‘n’ was here before tha Genesis / Numbers, Dueteronomy, Leviticus / when I die’s when I’ll let tha mic out my clenched fist / tha dumb, deaf ‘n’ blind let these rhymes fly over their wigs / cats get their shirts’ drenched by any verse I script…
Errors in Twisted's lyrics are solely typist's & not reflective of Twist's original handwritten work. Typewritten work is sent snail mail to Twisted in bing, he corrects & returns them for posting.
Spitting over phone from prison -Gretzky
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