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conscience beggining beyond our planetary system/
star religion geometric pricision/
light brains like a pulsar jump start your pulse heart beats deeper/
true believer knowledge seeker wisdom's speaker/
vessels of god nestled in the clouds mother earth nurtures my ora/
breathe solar rays absorb radiation/
veneration of hope deliver the sword of scrolls this tongue spoke/
discover the secrets of gold pure as ice crystals/
activate quartz skulls electrify the pineal gland triangle eye/
see the future smoking mirror made of volcanic glass/
genetic code of the old shaman machete swords man/
provide life like a kernel of corn leave behind the torment of storms/
lead the masses to the watering hole switch course like magnetic poles/
like the great deluge I swarm flood poems like ohm's/
sounds flourish as my rhymes furnish the mind/
new age times outer space ushers in galactic paradigms/

urban flags rags reflect hood maps/
street tags and burned straps/
dirty rats turn to whore bags/
kush grams rolled in blunt raps/
no matter where you at every block full of meth and crack/
out here there's a drug for every crowd/
more than many sets and clicks major gangs exist/
legit gangsters mythical status everybody's slanging/
youngsters already balling older cats victims of the struggle no longer falling/
jobs is short cops arrest the poor pack the courts/
food stamps and wellfare the only resort no support/
the dope game's a blood sport chemicals distort thoughts stress clots the dome/still righteousness grows into a man once a precious child/
living is wild no smiles broken homes floors with shattered tiles/
still we find success try our best educate the rest/
issued a check mortgage or rent paid/
kitchen with food soap in the bathroom/
detergent and fabric softener on top of the washer clothes in the dryer/

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