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set tha tone with aggressive poems, this magma flow burns magna cum laude, keep your dome covered like Saudis / from Calgary to Southern Cali, I smother rappers trife with rhyme ‘n’ send ‘em to the afterlife / my tracks is chapters that’s canonized with more passion than Christ agonized by His lust for Mary Magdalene / dust to ashes, my spherical imperial verse slashes materialist half-wits, you rap like you’re on your menstrual period / your lyrics leave me laughin’ cuz you’re serious about that wack shit you be spittin’ / I’m tha catalyst of universes collapsin’ like humans ‘n’ untreated brain aneurisms / Scientific, tha living myth whose expletives exodus into your mentis ‘n’ erase your rampant ignorance, / collide with God Cipher Divine, I’ll knock you off the astral plane, take your capital gains ‘n’ fire salvos that put you in a shallow grave / tha last thing seen by you lames is my pallid face, my voice gets a broad moist in her vaginal membrane / I coin phrases that exploit tha game point blank, my points is ancient so note that tha point is well taken / all across tha nation, tha Gods stay in constant elevation / your untruths is miseducated, my felt tip puts my emblem on your face kid…
Errors in Twisted's lyrics are solely typist's & not reflective of Twist's original handwritten work. Typewritten work is sent snail mail to Twisted in bing, he corrects & returns them for posting.
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