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I'm listening to Poor Righteous Teachers teachers right now. I'd like to see their take on this. I personally feel in the grand scheme of things (our massive, complex deep-abyss of a universe) there are much bigger things we should be questioning or debating.. rather than dwelling on or putting some superficial brakes on human expression.

Putting constraints on anything has historically spawned rebellious counterculture movements.

We could discuss the more abstract topics concerning the stigma of homosexuality in Black America & HipHop, matriarchy etc, etc. But I don't think it needs to go that deep. Jamar is fighting an uphill battle.

- White people will continue to rap
- Gay people aren't going to suddenly vacate this planet
- These newer generations don't give a shit about these old thought paradigms

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you dont want me coming around dressed in black homie
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Honestly dude, this is why I want to go to hell. Hell is crackin.
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Did I scare you?

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