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Default Re: The Game ( Dream)

Originally Posted by mr punch

BKyle: Questlove wants to know, how do you feel about being the pioneer of 'Chipmunk Soul'?


KW: But the thing is Im not at all. What about So RZA never sped his **** up? Its like me and RZA use the same sound except for my **** is just more sped up and my drums are a little bit more clubby. Now that I think about it, he and Pete Rock used to do **** like auto tune they **** to make it go down and make it sound somewhat realistic. One of the dopest samples of all time is that (sings) I gotta love, Im like telling you straight on up. Now that I really think about it, Pete Rock and RZA had the soul but my **** is just really really sped up. This is my realization that it is actually a different sound than RZA's cuz I always give credit to RZA.

Really we were making all those beats for Ghostface. Me and Just love Ghostface so much, that's Hip-Hop's (Roc-a-fella executive) favorite rapper and one of my favorite rappers, so we were trying to make all these beats for Ghostface but just so happens we're at Roc-a-fella and Jay heard them and rapped on them. We were making all these beats for Ghostface because we get so inspired by his albums. He was the only dude coming out with something worthwhile with Supreme Clientele. I feel like I got my whole style from Ghostface. Listen to what I'm saying, I need that in print, I feel like I got my whole style from Ghostface. My whole mentality about Hip-hop. He really took it to the next level.

Try Talib Kweli's Get By

Instead of being proud that the new generation of producers are heavily influenced by the Rza, people are acting like little girls.

Yes Dreams was especilally rza like, its still dope
I don't see the similarity with Stroke of Death though. If you want similarity listen to Kanye's Home then listen to meth's Snuffed Out.

better yet don't, I'm sick of the whining
Good ass post. That should put the rest of this Kanye theif without payin homage shit to rest.

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