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Originally Posted by prof zooruka View Post
I agree

To be honest I think Wu tang hasn't been dope since Wu tang Forever.
Agree ! I do think WU forever is their testament, the last time they "formed like voltron". The last album with a soul, and the last link of an incredible bunch of albums. Every album from the golden era was a group album. Songs like "mr sandman", "wu gambinos", "snakes", "assassination day", "duel on the iron mic", "4th chamber", "winter warz", "raw hide", "glaciers of ice" are wu-tang songs. When I want someone to be introduced to the wu world, I play the 7 albums from Enter the wu to Wu forever. These albums define the wu, they are the perfect definition of what the wu once was. Wu was perfect then and bring it to another level. 97-00 period echoes the golden era. They recorded dope albums like "supreme clientele", "In stereo" etc.. but come on they can't fuck with previous wu shits. Wu albums then were good but not great. Wu elements are good but they can't fuck with the Rza. Today Wu tang is just another hip hop group, nothing special. Robert Diggs has become Bobby Digital and he can't not bring da fucking ruckus. I don't know if they can record a new album again.
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