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Originally Posted by ShortyCoffeeStain View Post
Wu-Tang died when ODB died.

The W was the last gasp.

Iron Flag was a mixtape.

8 Diagrams was an argument.

RZA beats aren't fun anymore.

Ghostface raps like every other NYC rapper now. Simple bar structure & rhyme schemes, straight forward statements. And he sounds like Cappa half the time.

Meth is still okay, but doesn't sound he's having fun anymore.

U-God is better, but still U-God.

MK is tired.

GZA is tired.

Raekwon is tired.

RZA sounds like a completely different person. And not for the better.


Deck is kinda back to his old self. But still a far cry from "Socrates philosophies." He just talks about generic street shit now.

I'll take another @@@ or @@@1/2 album from the Wu, absolutely. But let's not kid ourselves. They're done. They don't perform anything past '97 in concert. (Except for maybe Gravel Pit.)

I mean, the past three albums they were insisting "WU-TANG IS BACK" all over...did it happen? You really think it'll happen the fourth time?

When ODB died the soul of the group vanished. Gza is tired, Rza is "dead", ODB is dead, All in together now is over too. Rae, Gost are too egoist and they don't give a fuck what wu becomes. They just use wu name because of wu fame. I think that U god, Deck and MK will certainly be happy if wu tang release a new album. They are not as famous as Odb, Meth, Rae, Gza and Ghost who were lucky to benefit from Rza best beats.
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