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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread


" There is no time to mess around, as all have showed their true purpose, just to bring towards their own attention so can inact as they wish, but now all that which has stopped, going to be more lethal than stealth, have to keep to the normal ways, not getting twisted towards what is irrelevant, and those that thought was all used to the proceedings, will only discover the change of things, the living that are heartless, experiencing what had not yet and had a gentle tongue as social discussions prolonged the friendships past, with many not giving a damn, yet seems to always come back, and thats how they keep thinking, sending prayers that they always hope for, not being able to save themself and help each other, now caught in actions lost to the path of heaven, but we keep in pattern and is no more for others, what was difficult, as they begin to know the difference, and nothing was to ever be changed, for was supposed to be done long before, suspended in realities quest to misled others".
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