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Really ?

You think "Love" & "Hate" are just words ?

"Control" & "Freedom" are they just words ?

Personally I think we have quite a long time left....

"The Fašade Of Terrorism" is still apparent and thus
They don't need to draw for the "Alien Invasion Card" just yet.

We've always been walking through a Gauntlet of Torment....
It's just the lines of what is right have become narrower & narrower
And 9 out of 10 people either through lack of awareness or apathy :
Don't think anything is wrong or simply can't be bothered to speak from the heart
Due to be ridiculed and being dumbed down with fear.

I think it will take a major event to awaken the masses
Sadly 911 didn't do it....maybe not even 1 vote at an election or something ?

The world is so mad it's ridiculous....

We have "The Lottery" where someone becomes rich once a week
And at the same time many people are starving....sometimes in the same country!

Why do people join The Army ? seriously why ??????
If you don't die or kill someone or use your skills in times of War -
In the eyes of most people today you're perceived as a failure.
Soldiers are meant to die, if none did there would be no war.
And this ain't "Independence Day" Obama or whatever puppet ain't going with you.

What happens if you go down to the local store and shoot someone - which is murder
You'll get put in jail or whers : executed.
But do that in another country with combat gear on and you get a medal ? yeah ???

Wake Up!

As a race what the fuck are we doing with our time on Earth ?
Working a 9-5 for 5 days a week just to recuperate and do it again & again till we die ?

Like Russell Brand said to Jeremy Paxman :

"Aren't You Bored ?"

I'm speaking from my heart honestly : I'm bored with "This Life"
I feel I don't have much to look forward to in the future.
It's like everyone else is mad though not me.
If we are not doing anything of significance then what is the point of doing it ?
And as far as I can see "we" are not doing anything....
The realms of reality have long been behind bars

People still belive in a system of :

Black & White
Republican or Democrat
Labour or Conservative
Either / Or
No Grey Matter

It's laughable.

Everyone concerned with leaving "their" Legacy for "their" family.
When we should be working together for "our" children of the future-
The public is 1 family we are all here together
Yet we are being dictated how to live "our lives"

In this current system they will be born into bondage and by the time they realize
It'll be too late and on with the show.

"The Education System" or "Syllabus" is a fucking joke as well
Again we're taught what we are told to know, venture outside that you'll be in trouble
For what ? Seeking knowledge that isn't on a list if it exists or further more....
Even if it has no shred of physical evidence for it's "Existence" it should be studied
For every fact is mearly just a statement-
Made at the time when what was being said was accepted....until proven wrong.
So how you can "Prove" anything as fact is simply absurd.

I thought school was supposed to prepare you for the world ?
Yet in my 20's I found out what was what
And wondered what was I "learning" in school ?

As far as I can tell I could have learned to read, write, add & subtract at home easily
Everything else was pure bullshit I was told or taught to take as gospel

So if something is on the T.V. it must be real right ?
Planes disappearing into buildings....oh it must be real....

"What Plane ?"

- 911 Witness

It boggles my mind what with all these "Space Films"
And there are only a few major Space-Programs
Most if not all which are shrouded in secrecy
That there isn't some kind of conscious effort as a planet to explore & understand
Just what we are doing "In The Grand Scheme Of Things"
Much like a child in a Mansion playing in his room
Not knowing that there are over 100 more in the building

Sad thing is the child may not grasp the idea that there are other rooms
And is content to just carry on playing.

However we as a race KNOW that space exist but we do nothing but
"Play In Our Rooms"

To me it's pretty obvious we are living in a Matrix of sorts
Our knowledge is pitiful about our origins and our endeavour for truth has weakend
The real knowledge is being guarded :
Like the artefacts taken from "The Baghdad Museum's Basement"
Which would make Gas/Oil ect... obsolete causing the "System" to fold it's unseen hand.
And make us realize that we have only just begun to wake up
Our potential is powerful we could do great things if we realize we are not enemies.

Illuminati got this locked from day - funny thing is were all sitting here
And only now the proud begin to say "I Don't Want To Play"

To me there's too many people trapped in their own minds in a rush to make it on time
When really all we all need to do is follow our hearts and just ask the question : Why ?

I may have gone on a apologies.

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