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writing it's my passion as i'm writing i'm in an altered state as i'm writing/
as i'm writing thoughts collide and my minds awake/
writing to express genius writing to describe the tedious/
I write even thou they say my words are demon possessed flows insidious/
far from deviant sentient light being/
strike like lightning exciting the curious those that don't understand left furious/
instant knowledge born in an infant/
intent the unknown do away with you misfits/
truth in the bar the media misprints indent the imprints like scars/
like black tar my verse's addictive far from sadistic/
writings of a great mystic intrinsic never fall in the esoteric/
well aware of the superstitious discern proven fact from the fictitious/
tame dark spirits energy is controlled from the depths of my soul/
manipulate matter firm handle on all matters/
dictate life disintegrate anything trife/
god in my whole existence exercise dilligence I must reverberate persistence/
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