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Originally Posted by 100pr00f View Post
For a contender to win a title fight they will have to do a lot more to take that belt. You cant win 2 rounds or even 2.5 rounds and win. maybe even 3 rounds. you need to dominate all rounds if you dont ko or make the belt holder to tap

personally i give GSP 3 rounds to 2 rounds

first round Hendricks won but not by much... he dominated in most strikes 60 or so to 20 from gsp

2nd round Hendricks lost a step and gsp thew more strikes but not by much gsp took Hendricks down

3rd round and only round where a fighter completely dominated another fighter. GSP threw over 80 strikes and hendricks with only 20 and only 10 landed. Hendricks was completely gassed and his punches had nothing on them. I think this is were GSp almost knocked Hendricks down with a leg kick ...GSP laded several head kicks as

4th round. Hendrecks came back but didnt completely dominate GSP he just took him down and stayed on top only to throw a few good hits the majority of the round

5th round GSP took it with a few take downs and a submission attempt. both fighters did their thing on the stand up with both taking good blows and taking them

over all pretty close fight. Wish GSP did did better. He wasn't moving his head to whole fight and a he should of threw more kicks and more take downs especially the 2nd round and 4th rounds

Hendricks had some great power punches and almost looked like he would win the first round but just lost his endurance after that round and slowly went downhill in that department while gsp looked liked he could go for another 3 or 5 rounds after the fight. Both fighters have a great chin

plus 1 for this and for what hectics wrote!!

On point! I'm sick of everyone saying Hendricks got robbed!
Only thing convincing about Hendricks was his celebration at the end of the bout !
Giving someone a bloody face doesn't mean you won the bout.

with GSP looking like hes retired the belt is up for grabs
Condit & Hendricks look like the next successors

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