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The in to deep soundtrack had 50 cent's how to rob on it I have that record I'll check out the whole thing that was a fucken funny song. I'll check out the g.o.a.t. I just never checked that shit out because he kind of started doing love songs and shit. Haha I was at Sears or some store a while ago and he has his own line of female clothing.
Haha coolio I havent herd that name in a while he had a couple good songs I remember thefantastic ride video. All the rest I like except for richie rich I don't know who the fuck that is. You prolly don't like eazy-e since you pretty much named everyone from nwa besides for eazy and dj yella. But I think eazy was awesome, shit was funny when dre and eazy were beefing and eazy was dissing snoop and dre and dre made that video with the eazy look alike.
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