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clandestine labs super slabs a billion in cash/
man destine to grab stats got the whole world bagged/
if not then stab my way to the top in super max./
golden origin mighty morphing endorphins spore like toxins/
mind-body concoctions topple writings on many topics/
targets left with no options in shallow graves they drop in/
for knowledge im constantly starving thirst for wisdom/
heart to stone hardened art of flow harnessed cosmic conscience/
song-less barred canvas infinite verse of a divine artist/
im a monument of greatness you're just an enigma/
stigmata my pen bleeds the forseen preminitions extreme/
deemed a high intellect with honor and prestige/
blind observations cause obstructions fall to false judgements/
choose wise what you decide lack of being precise can lead to divide/
peace to wutangclan fam and fan killah bee diciples god following/
street scholarly perfct the symmetry tight team scheme mentality/
persistence my dominant trait existence of a great poet/
generate energy that radiates through all dimentional states/
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