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discipline the foundation of my principles/
envisioning correlations in a divine state/
concentrations mystical parables create miracles/
chosen one disciple of armageddon black chip embedding/
turn it on or off dont use banks wont fuck with computers/
guenious of the mind transmitter electronic data scatters/
evade parameter thoughts vast enhance diameter/
decipher geometric symbols design in the guise of evil/
that controls the weak minded and fievel/
equilibrium tactics in all aspects of my life be digital/
this gift im giving you spirits protect my ora/
dagger and tek check mate on the chess board/
war strategy precise be my analogy/
street scholarly no need to fofill a prophecy/
societies revealed in secrecy lids peeled for youre eye to see/
the birth universal controller in the global you can run for office/
im a blow up the oval destined for greatness since a fetus/
still savage like chop up my enemy with meat cleavers mental dead non believers/
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