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now wait just a gosh darned minute Mister!!!!

theres a plethorah of ways to answer your question but in order to keep it simple owl give one example...just one

The Quran pacifically says that Allah has One Arm, 2 Legs, another Arm and a head mah frain...the Quran says he sits on a throne and his feet rest on a stool...theres hadith where Muhammad saw Allah in the form of a young man with curly hair and ALlah touched his chest..

the Mutazalia was the people who changed Allah theologically from a being with an arm, 2 legs, an arm and a head into a unceen being and corrupted what is known as Orthidox Islam...

one greco roman influenced Mutazalia said of a certain group of Muslims "you claim your ugly and digusting faces are in the image of the lord with your curly hair"...para phrased

so thats one of many many examples of the answer to your question

theres so many ways to approach the answer to your question...historically, theolgically, biochemically, practically....etc

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