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The pedestal you guys hold Kool G Rap at is ridiculous. Do you honest say to yourself once a week or even once a month, "I need to listen to some KGR?". Sure, he's legendary for introducing street rap during the Golden-Era and he's maintained that consistency. Half this album he has a lisp where he sounds like Sylvester the Cat or he's spitten with a swollen tongue (listen to Heart Attack).

Good: Crook Catastrophe, The City, Once Upon A Crime

Above-Average: High Tension, Black Medicine, Omerta, Heart Attack

Below-Average: Unsub, Trigga 4 Hire, Wolf Eyes, The Pain

Garbage: Teflon Dons, Hustler, We'll Kill You, Gangsta, American Sickos

Bravo to Necro for promoted and over-hyping this album.

6/10 at best

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