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Originally Posted by prof zooruka View Post
I don't believe what is being said by other m.c's..... 99% agree, but they won't say it for fear of losing cream. They ain't silly they know suburban white kids are raps biggest market.
Of course they know that^ I think there are a handful of artists though like G rap who are a little older and wiser now, that want to let these old thought paradigms die out. Given the fact that this genre in particular did more to unite every race on this planet under one common cause. Did you not hear him mention that?

He would rather see it prosper than see lines drawn in the sand and have constraints or artificial limitations imposed on human expression. No one is attempting to distort the history of this art form's origins. If they are - they are shit out of luck considering everything is being documented and archived on millions of servers and pieces of storage around the globe.

It's a different time and age. In the coming years you'll see more and more backlash coming from any sort of group of people on this planet attempting to reserve exclusivity. Look what's happening in Nazareth right now.

Originally Posted by JASPER View Post
You'll cowards dont even drink cock liquor.

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