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I was reading about 5% (NGE) and from what I have read, they don't believe in God like that of organized religion, but rather think that the black man is God (Which to be honest seems like a way of instilling black pride rather than actually meaning anything). To me the NGE seem to have a system (Belief) where there is no divine authority (God) or higher power to regulate the lives of human beings, on such things as morality or justice, but rather it seems they have taken up the belief, that it is up to them (The individual) to regulate there behaviour, like a law unto themselves. which I think is wicked because man has been corrupted and cannot regulate himself no matter how hard he tries.

But to be honest, the NGE or 5% is the biggest load of nonsense I have ever heard, and the fact that people take things like that seriously is actually pretty sad.

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