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The living Allah from HOly Quran fame told his messenger Elijah Muhammad "I had a dream once when I was six years old. I dreamed that I was over here in America pushing these big Devils like Rockefeller and DuPont and the like in a lake of fire." And then he glanced back at me and said, "I see my dream coming true."

This particular living manifestation of Allah iz the living one One one one who gives the living angels orders in da bestselling book da holy Quran and da Poison Book(the bible)...Fard Muhammad exited his Mothers womb in 1883

3 a m...3 am....3 a m....eter ter know who whoa ahhhh owe
praises to the GOd on da ffffffrrrr-own from Revalations 4 Fard Muhammad
and ummmmm his Messenger
and uhhh...hmmm...da Father Allah and Justice who taught the first 9
which was responsible for Hip Hop being reborn in Pelan
can't forget about Malcolm the one who inadvertently brought forth
the vanguard of Revolution in North Amerikkka Huey P Newton
oh would be a crime not to mention the real general
Khalid...not the imposter General thats run amuck from ronald
reagans corpses asshole but the real general....Khalid Muhammad

oh shit and can't forget about Noble Drew Ali for preparing
the way for da one who come like a theif in da night

all eye fuckin know is eye feel good...healthy...eye have
so much energy eye know not whut to do with it which
is a figure of speech because in actuality eye know whut
to do with it

thank you 5 percenters cuz eye feel good

*knew cheeze shakes his head in disbelief at how
energized he feels*

when one submits to that culture which brings long life

once the body expels that which causes the body
to experience unpleasant pain or has the potential
to cause it further on down da line in 1-4 dimensional time

you start feeling the effects of vibrational frequency increasage

in other words you can PLACE YOURSELF IN HEAVEN AT ONCE
as Holy Quran Allah Fard Muhammad says....or be a little bitch
and be a revealer of your psycological booh booh's in regards to
your approach to listen here can either
make it a love cipher or a helll cipher....the choice is yours bucko

the perfect spot to build an and destroy from is God

when this baby hits 88 miles your gonna cee sum serious shit

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