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Originally Posted by chiba View Post
This FRIDAY- GSP will officially state if he will RETIRE or REMATCH / CONTINUE
I honestly don't even want to see a re-match. Hendricks was a dipshit and cocky in the Post-Fight Press Conference saying he only gave it 70%. Well, then maybe you should of gave it 100% and you wouldn't have lost hot dog! At this point, I vaguely remember the fight and it probably should have gone Hendricks way. It sucks that you have to beat the champ in dominating fashion to get a win but that's the way it is. If this was the old UFC where you fought multiple times in a night, GSP wouldn't be champion. He looks like shit after every fight, even though he plays it safe.

Dana White is also a dipshit in thinking GSP owes him and/or the UFC to continue fighting. Let the man start the second chapter of his life and take some time off if need be. This isn't golf. The amount of brain trauma being seen in the news from other sports these days is soon to carry over to MMA. This is pretty obvious and shouldn't make headlines. Anyways, hope he just relinquishes his belt and do what he needs to do right now.
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