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So, I picked up an iPad Air as a Christmas gift for my parents and decided to set it up with some Apps and Photos/Videos before I wrap it. I have a Macbook Laptop but have never used an iPad before. Two things blow my mind already.

1) No User Accounts
- Apple seems to be not listening to their users for the last 3 years according to threads I've come across. They must expect people to own multiple iPads per household. Not having multiple user accounts sure screws you over for login credentials to Facebook, Mail, etc. Even if you wanted to have a Parental Control account for kids. FFS.

2) Photo Album Hierarchy
- I spent the last two days organizing photos into folders and the iPad only has one-level of structure if you use a PC to sync. All the photos are just mixed together and the Album tab does jack shit. Apparently you have to use a Mac with iPhoto in order to have multiple levels of folders. iPhoto is shit.

I literally want to frisbee this POS across the room.

I thought Apple was all about user experience?

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