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street dandy caviar and ice candy green fruit rolls and black taffy/crime economics survival man harsh terrain grey clouds pour blood rain on the underprivileged/hell on everyone big town to small village feel pain transformed to rage turn page/dirty hands stain clean slates no escape/nothing but empty plates on the table the game is the only food for the street wise players/born slanger rap banger sill structured to kill ciphers/g in this hip hop culture you just a lame ass square circled by vultures/no brochure on how to grind aint no school or book for a hustler/fake talk yet not one walked the walk/why in the fuck are all these wannabees so obsessed with filling the shoes of a lost soul/bold stories told by the old like the gold pawn shops now own/government stole the youths ability to grow/white doves and black crows one brings peace and the other death after the war the brown eagle fights/

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