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Default Re: worst sexual incounters

Originally Posted by rzarectah_93-??
when i lost my virginity (back in 8th grade)
we were at the park and we REALLY wanted to do it so we went to the lil Boys & Girls Club place and it was i got her on the lunch table and started doin my business..
i was kinda hurting her cause it was both our first was REAL good too cause she was fresh....we were goin at it for a good hour (after she came twice) an then she got on top of me
it was heaven.....she took off her shirt and just when she did the coach came in
he just started laughing out loud and walked out
we stared at eachother and kept going cause i didnt cum yet so she kept going till i did about 20 minutes later (no lie) and she bent down and kissed me, put on her clothes, as did i, walked her home and as did i
day later at school we stayed friends
just friends who had sex, lol

I just can't get over imagining a coach walking in, laughing and then walking out. Doesn't even sound bad tuco

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