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I assume by now the majority of people on this forum have seen this and if not, beware of spoilers below. The first 30-minutes of this movie were terrible and the last 10-minutes were predictable.

I haven't seen such terrible CGI in a while. The limo scene at the beginning was a joke. Reindeer Games had better CGI in comparison. Some of the fighter plane scenes had unrealistic graphics. By the way, has Ashley Judd not aged very gracefully, gain significant amount of weight in the face, or had some alien facelift? I guess Heat was 18-years ago.

I had a bit of higher hopes for this movie due to the cast, as well as, this being from the director that made Training Day and Shooter. This movie had a Batman-eqse feel to it and it wasn't because a number of the actors are from Nolan's Batman films. Morgan Freeman, Gerard Butler, and Angela Bassett were great. However, Aaron Eckhart mailed in his performance. The scene where he gets grabbed by the throat by Kang and crumbles to the ground was a joke. Also, at the end he looked like he was on his death bed prior to the nuclear bomb sequence being shutdown. Then when the cliché ending happens he all of a sudden is able to walk out and able to speak without any laboring.

The hour and twenty minutes between the unintriguing start and predictable ending had some good action and storyline that saved this movie for me. Sure there were some good action scenes. I couldn't help but think if Hollywood was irresponsible in making a movie like this and giving bad ideas to some.


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