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Originally Posted by Ol' Dirty Trixˣ View Post
i'm sick and tired of hearing people's excuses about how they fucked up at school and say they regret it but don't have the balls to go back into education as an adult. grow up.
Cheers for the eye opener.

Parents need to make sure they're in it for the long haul if their having kids
or at least 18 years lol
Their love that brought them to the decision of having a child needs to be reassessed
and given a second perspective as love can often take you outta reality.

Unfortunately mine couldnt last a month longer than 2 years, its a terrible thing to constantly handball a child back and forth between parents especially when there is 3000km (over 6000mi) between them.
Having said that iv'e learnt from their mistakes even tho those mistakes have impacted me i feel they build you to be a stronger person
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