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Originally Posted by Longbongcilvaringz View Post
yeah but it lessens your gripping abilities, so for habitual masturbators like the members here, it'll probably decrease your quality of life.

the only habit i can think of is that in some instances i can't help being fastidiously neat.

i can't handle superfluous objects on my desk at work for instance. at the end of the day, everyday, i make sure that there is no paperwork, stationary etc. anywhere on the desk.

every object that has to be on the desk out of necessity (phone, computer, letter tray (which is almost always free of paperwork due to my obsessiveness)) is lined up against the walls around it, preferably in a corner. whenever my desk gets cluttered over the coarse of the day, i always work feverishly to make it neat again.

in some ways it's good, but it can make me stress out over nothing also.


Originally Posted by JASPER View Post
You'll cowards dont even drink cock liquor.
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