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The last "good days" for the Wu (and this site) was during the Clinton administration.

Ever since then the Wu has been in argument, and put out albums to mixed reviews, more negative every year.

And this site has been a bunch of fucking retards, increased exponentially every year. They hate everything with a sound that's not trapped in the 90's, and overpraise everything that soul-lessly apes the 90's. People here think albums are 5 mics that on every other website are 3 mics, at best. It's just sad. Not to mention the rampant homophobia, that's shipped in from about 30 years ago. If I were the Wu, I'd never mention this website exists. (And whaddaya know, they don't. Even the affiliates of the Wu-Tang affiliates won't give this site an interview. Gee, I wonder why?)

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