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rap hates me cuz I molested it with my most aggressive stee, more dope than tha Medelline Cartel/ scarved up, I bring ninjaz to hell carved up with bar none thoughts propellin’ out my dart gun / starvin’, I gotta eat, guarded with katanas, garbled up in bulletproof garments, see tha “TS” on tha marquee? acquiesce tha spotlight, I spit verbal weapons of mass destruction that’d leave a ninja cockeyed / ruckus ruffneck, stick a Glock 9 in ya with no lubrication, call it rough sex, I shine like Illuminati / snortin’ Peruvian flake, start singin’ like that bougie ninja Drake, I oughta smack myself in tha fuckin’ face / percussion interrupts discussion with snare ‘n’ bass drum kicks, b-boys is battlin’ while DJ Premier keeps scratchin’, keepin’ tha culture live / heads noddin’ like her-oin addicts, with tha pen of mine, a pre-ordained cipher gets pulverized / carry my corpse in a white hearse, at my burial plot tha pallbearers take turns spittin’ ill spoken-word, always with tha Budsmoke 1st, BDS is sometimes hard to discern / my bars is barbed ‘n’ stay armed like elbows, 357s 4 pounders, Hamlet Othello / Shakespearean experiences, my theory is tha dreariest ‘n’ is expelled in verbal ghettos / text message Gerry, tell him to bring extra shells for tha sawed-offs, yo, you shoulda known not to fuck with tha Gods / 1st handed, look at my scars, I’m hard to kill and go out with a fight, causin’ madd sparks / I seen your kind before, read all tha Laws ‘n’ you’re scared to go to war yo, you don’t even own a sword / here, borrow mine, I see tha fear in your eyes, your life is only borrowed time, so unwind tha coil mechanism on tha 45 / as tha round absconds ‘n’ travels out tha chamber, you hear tha sound of anger / it tastes like 2 shots of vodka distilled out of grain with no chaser, really, you trust them dudes that promised mules ‘n’ 40 acres?
Any errors in Twisted's lyrics are solely that of typist & not in any way reflective of Twist's original handwritten work. Twist reviews typewritten work sent him by snail mail, any needed corrections are made & returned via snail mail from Twist who is in belly of beast.

Listen to me spit over phone from prison, serving 12 yrs for robbery
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