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Oh Bia
I remember
how you were down on all fours
sucking some dude's cock
and I came up behind you
and started slapping my dick
on your beautiful bare arse
and you looked back at me
and told me to make sure
I put a condom on
before I fucked you
and I said of course, beautiful
I just want to slap my dick around
on your beautiful arse
for a while
then I asked
where's the rubbers at?
and the girl next to us
on the bed
who was getting fucked
by some other dude
grabbed one
and passed it to me
and I put it on
and slipped inside your wet pussy
and fucked you hard
while I squeezed your
beautiful arse cheeks
and leaned over to caress your
incredible tits
and then the other dude
moved on
to go and fuck someone else
so I lay you on your back
and fucked you ferociously
while I played with your
amazing big tits
and sucked on them
I told you how beautiful
they were
and asked if they were real
because they were so soft
and bouncy
yet so big and juicy and
and you laughed
and said no
and the dude next to us
on the bed
who was fucking another
hot slut
made some kind of joke
but I don't remember
what it was
and again I told you how incredible
they were
and continued to fuck you
I was pouring buckets of sweat
all over you
and we were laughing
about it
and you said you didn't mind
and I joked about it being
hard work
and after a while you said maybe
I should have a break
because you thought I
couldn't come
but you didn't realise
I didn't want to come yet
and we laughed
and I said let me fuck your
beautiful tits
and then I'll have a break
and a shower
and we laughed
and you sat on
the edge of the bed
and squeezed your big juicy tits
and I ripped the condom off
threw it somewhere
and stuck my cock between
those exquisite tits
I probably told you this was
the meaning of life
that I was in heaven
you said I wouldn't be
able to come
I laughed and said
don't worry, beautiful
that certainly
won't be a problem
I slapped my dick around
on those heavenly boulders
and fucked them some more
we took turns squeezing them
while I fucked them
then you held them for me
I rubbed my cock around
on those breath taking tits
on your nipples
then I came all over them
I thanked you
probably told you how beautiful
you were
probably gave you a kiss
on the cheek
I might have kissed you
on the lips
if you hadn't been
sucking another guy's cock
when I met you
then I took that shower
I probably saw you again
during the orgy
getting fucked by someone else
sucking cock
maybe even getting your pussy
but my final memory of you is
fucking those beautiful tits
coming all over them
beautiful Bia
a gift from heaven
I remember you
I remember Bia.

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