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Obd bring a special spice to the wu shit. He was unique ! All my friends who aren't wu stans but appreciated some wu shit loved him. Yeah he is not the best mc of the clan but he was irreplaceable and his energy has concrete repercussions on the wu albums. Wu without ODB is not the wu. Like Meth he was a superstar. Rza knew that this is why the two first wu solos were "Tical" and "Return to 36 chambers". Gza he allowed wu to enter "intellectuals" mind. Rae ? I don't like this faggot. Like each member he brings something to the group but I do think the indispensable members are Rza, Gza, Odb, Meth and Ghost. Wu is based on all in together now and Meth and Ghost. OBCL is not a Rae album that is a RAGU feat WU album (RZA production . A wu album without Rae, why not ? Just let the best wu fam mcs shine on the album. Killah Priest, Timbo King, Streelife, Shyheim, Killa Sin etc...
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